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Optimizing maintenance cycles

The "Tailor-made" machine management system is perfect for all development scales!



Recommend appropriate maintenance cycles


In some cases, the maintenance cycle may differ from the manufacturer's recommendations due to the operating conditions of the equipment, especially in harsh weather environments. Finding a suitable maintenance cycle for each type of equipment, environment, and frequency of use is crucial for businesses. This cycle can also change over time. Continuously updating the appropriate cycle will significantly improve business performance.

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Forecasting Replacement Parts Demand


Liquidbox can be set up to forecast demand for replacement parts. The software will automatically compare whether continuing maintenance of the equipment is more beneficial or whether selling the equipment to buy new equipment would be more cost-effective, thereby helping business owners make accurate and effective decisions.


Instant warning of abnormalities during machine use


Liquidbox can alert to anomalies during machine usage, such as abnormal increases in power consumption, abnormal increases in usage time, or abnormal decreases in power output. The software will accurately report which devices are in an abnormal state and how long that state has persisted and caused how much damage. This allows business owners to handle the issue accurately and in a timely manner.


Detect abnormalities that occur during repair and maintenance


Liquidbox can alert of any abnormalities that occur during repair and maintenance, such as longer repair times, higher costs, or shorter breakdown cycles. This helps business owners quickly identify problems and determine how to address them.

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